News Brief
3 dead after Muslim grenade attack on church

Taxila, Pakistan - Three Pakistani women were killed when Islamic assailants hurled grenades at worshipers leaving a Christian hospital church in early August. The attack served to reinforce fears that Muslims are targeting Christians and Westerners in Pakistan in retaliation for the government's support of the U.S.-led war on terrorism.

Three men ran through the front gate of the hospital, locked two watchmen in the guard booth and then threw the grenades at the women leaving the chuch.

25 others were wounded, half of them seriously. One assailant was also killed when shrapnel entered his back and pierced his heart.

The attack took place four days after gunmen raided the Murree Christian School, killing six Pakistanis, including guards and non-teaching staff. None of the students, who come from twenty countries, was hurt in the attack.