From the Editor
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The Feast of Ingathering is just ahead of us, and things are happening very rapidly here at The People of Truth. The hand of God is so visibly present that I stand in wonder and amazement at His grace.

Bro. Eldon McNabb and I went to visit the saints of The Church of God in Divine Order in Sand Springs, OK. Their bishop, Ted Carr, Sis. Ellen Abshire, Bro. L.V. Taylor and Bro. Jim Taylor (the pastors of their fellowship's three churches), and their people were a tremendous blessing to us. It was truly wonderful to fellowship with these brothers and sisters who are very much of like precious faith. Although, as Christians, we all share a common bond in that we are born again through the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary, there are many issues over which the various Christian denominations differ. But, this was not the case with these saints. We experienced real fellowship, for in almost every Bible study we held there, it was immediately apparent that we were seeing eye to eye. I am especially thankful to God for how He has dealt with my cousin Randy Ketcherside and his family. They are really stirred for God and have been attending and working with The Church of God I.D.O. We are thankful for their hospitality, friendship and love of the Scriptures.

As we go to press, Bro. Eldon is preparing for a second trip there before the Feast begins. Some of them are also planning to attend the Feast here later this month. We really feel a bond of unity and expect this fellowship with these precious children of God to grow and prosper.

In addition to the visit from the saints from Oklahoma, we are joyfully awaiting the visit from Bishop Lonnie Spears from The Church of God, General Assembly of Detroit, MI at the Feast. He will hold a revival here Saturday, Sept. 21 through Tuesday, Sept. 24 prior to the Feast services. He, too, shares in much of our vision and has been a wonderful blessing to me in the many hours we have shared the Word of God by phone. It will be tremendous to finally sit down and delve deeper into God's work for these very last days with him in person.

I urge all that can to join us at this great Feast of the Lord this September 21-29. I am certain that God is going to move in a mighty way, and we will see the hand of the Lord. We are expecting uplifting songs, edifying sermons and enlightening Bible studies. Come expecting great things and you will not be disappointed!

God bless you! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy