Beast’s 7 heads on move again

Dateline: September 26, 1999. An article in the New York Times, By David E. Sanger, read in part as follows:

"WASHINGTON - With financial markets around the world rattled by the surprising climb of the Japanese yen against the dollar, the top economic officials of the world’s wealthiest nations began meeting here yesterday to decide whether to intervene or to let Japan solve the problem itself.

The meeting of the finance ministers and central bank chiefs of the Group of Seven nations does not carry the high drama of their session a year ago, when Russia’s currency had collapsed and markets around the world appeared on the precipice of disaster."

"The Group of Seven will also consider lending gold to aid the poorest countries in the World." "The financial leaders are also expected to approve a financial sleight-of-hand by the fund to pay for billions of dollars in debt relief for poor countries." "(Their) scheme would allow it to lend part of its gold supply, which is kept on its books at World War II prices, to the poor nations and allow them to give it back to the IMF – at current prices – to pay off their debts."

This Group of Seven includes Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States, and, with three others make up the Group of Ten. They are called the seven "Heads" and ten "Horns" of the fourth beast in Daniel chapter seven.

No matter who is on the Security Council, the seven wealthiest industrial nations are the U.N.’s leading contributors. By controlling the world’s money and industry, these Seven Heads are able to think for the beast. One would be wise to watch their moves, for the Bible prophecies warn that this beast, its heads and horns are up to no good.