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Greetings friends, brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God showed us a specific schedule of events that we must do, beginning in August. Many things have been happening according to that schedule, and the next phase of this work is upon us.

From October 7 through November 4, we will be conducting a mailing campaign to reach the pastors and bishops of the Churches of God. The letter is an invitation for these leaders of God's people to come together to build the House of God according to His perfect pattern. We have been building "our own" houses for long enough. It is time to for the Bride of Christ to prepare herself for His return.

Because of the scope of this project, the decision has been made to preempt the October Bible Guys and focus all of our efforts on the Letter. We are gathering thousands of addresses, verifying them, and compiling the mailing lists. We will need to print the three-page letter and the individual envelopes; fold the letters; and stuff and seal the envelopes.

All told, we will be sending around 10,000 copies of the letter, including the Spanish lists. We are all excited about the Lord's leading in this matter and everyone here is involved to some degree - even the children are helping out!

This campaign comes on the heels of our Feast of Ingathering, and there is other news that we will include in November's edition. Since the Letter serves as the October issue, we are posting it here on our site. I would rather have produced at least a shortened issue this month, but it was not practical. However, all subscribers to The Bible Guys will receive a copy of the letter in its place.

The Lord promises to move mightily among His people, and, from Thanksgiving Day 2002 and onward, He will surely bless in a way He never has before.

God bless you, and keep you. Pray for us. May we all continue to abide in His will.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy