From the Editor

Greetings again brothers, sisters and friends. As we go to press, we are in preparation for the Feast of Ingathering, which we are observing Oct. 12-15. We are expecting some guests from Tennessee and New York and are planning on being spiritually fed and uplifted during this revival.

Although this edition will most likely be printed and shipped out after the Feast, you’re going to have to wait for the November issue for the highlights. We all, especially the preachers and singers, will be focusing on preparing ourselves through prayer, dedication, study and practice.

God inspired me with the idea for a play, which we will also be preparing and will be performing on Saturday night during the Feast. Because of the closeness to the Feast, we will plan an encore presentation of "Bound to be Saved" and make sure to give plenty of advance notice. As I consider the way God dealt with certain ones regarding this drama, I trust that it will be a blessing. We will also be available to perform this play in other churches as we are invited. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss the possibility of a performance at your church.

As I mentioned in last month’s edition, much has happened this summer. As a special feature this month, I am including a section entitled "Summer Scrapbook." This should catch you up on some of the things we have done this season. From new plants and trees in our landscaping, to a baptismal for a couple of the youth, to adding more lettered cars to our fleet, to demolition and construction in the Worship Center, we have been very, very busy.

The Russian section of our website has been uploaded and activated. You can now view our Russian pages by choosing "Russian" in our "Language" drop-down menu or by typing Now in four languages (including English, Spanish and Albanian) our website continues to grow and improve. We’ve been discussing the possibility of adding some other items to it which include a bulletin board and live chat with members of The Bible Guys. So keep watching as new features are added and enhancements are made.

We received a letter from Karen Beech, a sister from Tennessee, whom I have known since I was just a little one. Her testimony was very touching, and we have included it in this issue, trusting that you will be as blessed by it as we have been. Our prayers are with her. Thank God that another child has come home.

I am constantly amazed at God’s tender hand and His unconditional love toward mankind. I thank Him for his perpetual presence and the peace that He graciously provides. As things happen, good and bad, on a daily basis, and as things change, I find great comfort in the fact that we serve an unchanging God. His immutability is our firm foundation, knowing that He is ever near. I pray that I will always be a effective witness of His love.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy