The Bible said that it would be like this...

Lest the Land become Full of Wickedness
By David McNabb

Domestic violence, as reported by the news media, has increased so much, one would almost say it is nearly an epidemic.

One might ask why this is so. As always, one need only look into the pages of the Holy Scriptures to find the answer.

Lev. 19:29 reads, "Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness."

Whoredom, as defined by Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, is from the Middle English word hordom meaning "sexual immorality, idolatrous practices," it being itself taken from the Old Norse word for adultery: hordomr . Whoredom includes but is not, therefore, limited to prostitution, as is often erroneously believed.

Modern society, particularly in America, has surrendered to the belief that sexual activity "between two consenting adults" is permissible — even natural and beautiful. When I entered the work force out of school, I was shocked at the number of my co-workers whose "wives" turned out to be nothing more than live-in girlfriends. Many people have told me that they are, in essence, "trying on the shoe before they buy it."

This scripture in Leviticus shows how God feels about this very mentality of pre- and extra-marital sexual relationships.

God is our loving Father. As parents, we lay down rules for our children. This is not because we want to rule them as dictators or tyrants, controlling every aspect of their lives, but because we love them and want to help them avoid causing themselves pain and regret.

How much more our Father has given us His commandments to protect us from the inevitable hurt we cause ourselves and others?

Lev. 19:29 shows that when society turns a blind eye to, even promotes, promiscuity and debauchery, the land is filled with wickedness. Webster’s Dictionary defines wicked as being "1: morally bad: evil. 2 a: fierce, vicious b: causing or likely to cause harm or trouble." The Bible, itself, relates wickedness to violence in Ezek. 7:11. "Violence is risen up into a rod of wickedness. ..."

In Ezek. chapter 8, God is addressing the idolatrous practices (see the definition of "whoredom" above). Baal worship rituals such as women weeping for Tammuz and men praying toward the east worshiping the sun had infiltrated Judah. God said of this (v. 17), "they have filled the land with violence."

The scripture in Leviticus, therefore, might be explained as saying that if society allows its people to live in sin (having sexual relationships out of wedlock), violence is sure to follow.

Infidelity, promiscuity and idolatry unavoidably lead to violence. God knows this, and forewarned us of the danger — even strictly forbade, not merely suggested the avoidance of, these activities.

Modern society has decided that it knows, better than God, what is good for it, and has encouraged the "free love" crowd. It is even beneficial, in terms of taxes and entitlements (social security and welfare) for people to remain single. People, therefore, do so ... even though they have no intention of living alone.

In light of these facts, it is no wonder that we have the domestic abuse problem. God ordained the institution of marriage to unite a man and a woman together. They are therein united: both in body and in spirit. It works. When this institution is upheld and respected, society thrives. If it is not, violence fills the land.

Read the paper. Watch the evening news. Don’t be shocked ... the Bible said it would be like this.