Fearless or Godless

By Christine Allen

I have recently been asking myself the question, "Are today's youth fearless or just Godless?" The only answer I seem to come to is "Godless."

This was especially obvious to me recently when I attended my high school senior prom in May. The pictures and dinner were perfect. The food was good, and soft music served as a backdrop for pleasant conversation.

Then the "prom" started, and the music went from nice and soft to loud and obnoxious. The lyrics were profane, as was the dancing.

Before the prom, I thought that people were just fearless. I would often hear my fellow classmates, most of whom are Catholic, talk of the CCD classes and of "making confirmation." This led me to believe that, though my peers did not live as though they feared God, they were still believers. After prom, I realized that they lacked not only the fear of God, but God Himself. They behaved Godlessly when the music began, making profane gestures and motions.

Instead of being at a high school prom, I felt like I was in a night club. I was totally shocked and embarrassed. When I looked at the dance floor from my table, everyone looked like one big mass instead of members of the junior and senior classes of my high school.

That night, I realized that there is a definite separation between them and me. For the first time, I came to know the people with whom I had been going to school for the last five years.

I thank God for saving me and giving me the fear of the Lord. I have been truly blessed.