Letter to the Editor

One candidate’s dream this voter’s nightmare
from Virginia Danko, Northfield VT via e-mail

I recently read this in the Nov. 8, 2000 issue of the Springfield (MA) Union-News and thought that you might find it interesting:

‘Smith College philosophy major Nicole E. Atkin, 19, of Madison Wisc., had a dream Monday night George W. Bush won. In it, buildings started crumbling on the Smith College campus and in Springfield.

"It led to the demise of the entire human race." Atkin said.

Not surprisingly, Atkin was out casting her vote for Al Gore last night.’

It is interesting that the college campus began to crumble, considering that, when Mr. Bush won the election, there was an immediate attack upon the Electoral College. It will be a sad note if the American assurance of "Liberty and justice for all" should be trampled under foot because of a collapse of the wonderful American system of governmental checks and balances.

Indeed, should the American way crumble, it would surely be a great calamity for the entire world. Whatever the outcome of this election, the wrath of God will soon be poured out upon this wicked generation in America and in the rest of the world.

Whatever ill effect this contest brings upon this great nation, it will not necessarily be because George W. Bush would make a bad president, but because the opposition destroyed our unique and equitable governmental processes, in an attempt to prevent him from ascending to the presidency which is rightfully his.