The Ten Commandments or Else
By C. Eldon McNabb

In the last forty years, the whole Christian Bible and, of late, particularly the Ten Commandments, which God gave to the world by His servant Moses, have become resented and forbidden in public places. The original edict, in 1963, was directed toward the schools and the impressionable young people who must go there.

In the last twenty years, perhaps thirty, this official national rejection of the sixth commandment has resulted in a nation-wide promotion of unwed sexual activities in every level of society. The natural effect of this error has been the birth of multitudes of illegitimate children being raised by one parent, or by someone who is not their parent/parents. This wilful ignorance has also caused the abortion of another multitude of the unborn. The emotional, physical and financial cost of this rebellion has been devastating to the whole nation. But the "people in charge" will have it so; denying that there is anything wrong with this philosophy, and they have willingly paid the price for doing so.

But what! They did not throw out that commandment only. They threw out all of the rest of them too. We are paying a huge price now for them teaching, in the schools, that children donít have to honor their parents, and forbid parents to correct their children. Again, the advocates of this rebellion willingly burden us all with the cost.

We have watched, for years now, as drive-by shooters have killed people of all ages. After all, "Thou shalt not kill" is one of the "Ten." We have had a spate of U.S. Postal workers shooting their fellow workers. In recent months there has been a series of in-school multiple murders and wounding of school children as well as faculty members, including two university Professors. We have recently seen and read in the news of children of various ages murdering their parents.

Why should we be concerned? We are told, in Ezekiel 16:38, that the penalty for a married woman and a man committing adultery was the same as the penalty for murder. But we let the woman, and the man, get by with their offence. Should we treat these children who commit mass murder any differently. After all they have only ignored one of the "Ten." But, then, it is not in the nature of man to be equal and just in his judgment. So we have, at this very writing, a fourteen-year-old being tried as an adult for murdering his teacher when he was thirteen.

The United States of America has made an awful and fateful detour from the way of peace. They have thrown out the Ten Commandments and are reaping the "Or Else." More and more, we have rather become as the prophets of olden time. As "strangers and pilgrims on the Earth," we seek a country, and anxiously await the soon coming of The Just One: Jesus Christ our King.