Marks 2nd Anniversary
By Nancy McNabb

Nancy McNabb
You might ask, "What do the billions of bits and bytes flying around the Internet have to do with Christ or the Word of God?" This is simply another tool that the Lord has provided to us in order to spread his word. The Lord works in mysterious ways. What better way to bring the word of God directly into the homes of His people than electronically – through the phone lines and onto computer screens?

We are very blessed to have a talented and dedicated brother in our congregation who also happens to be a computer expert. Bro. Larry Danko has been a member of The People of Truth now for over 20 years. His knowledge and computer skills have been very instrumental in achieving the goal of spreading God’s word to thousands of people.

I had the chance to talk to Bro. Larry about our website the other day. His vast knowledge of the programs needed to write the web pages, as well as his dedication in learning new and better programs, have made the web page a success.

Bro. Larry began developing the website just over two years ago because of the availability to broadcast to more people. The Internet offers a more efficient and cost effective way of communicating. The cost of the website, a total of around $2,000.00 to date, far outweighs the cost in mailing pamphlets at around $20,000.00. The process involved has been a lengthy and time-consuming effort.

Larry Danko

Two important things Bro. Larry has had to accomplish is inputting the Content (Doctrines and the Bible Guys) and making it easier for people to find the web site. He achieves this by inputting enough content on the web so that search engines recognize and use our publications.

Bro. Larry has worked tirelessly to make the website available in other languages. In addition to English, it now has publications in Russian, Albanian, and Spanish.

There are close to 300 pages published on the website so far. As we begin our third year on the ‘Net, we are looking at reconstructing the site. Work is already well underway on the new design.

The learning process involved in building and maintaining the website, combined with Bro. Larry Danko’s dedication to serving God and his desire to reach people with the God’s word, has made a success.

Please join me in thanking Bro. Larry for his efforts and letting him know how much they are appreciated by visiting