From the Editor

Praise the Lord, for He is worthy! Every month, I have the distinct pleasure of greeting you here in this periodical. It truly is a great blessing to me to be involved in this ministry. God has richly blessed us and we have come to so much new understanding of His holy word. To God be all the glory!

July is swiftly approaching. That month will mark the third anniversary of this publication. As amazing as it seems, I have been at this for nearly a full three years. I have been constantly looking into new ways to enhance the look and feel of The Bible Guys and it has evolved from the one page newsletter to its present 8-page format. More changes are in the works, and I am planning a major format change for the anniversary issue.

The name of our publication, The Bible Guys, caused many to ask me, "Arenít there any ĎBible Galsí?" I have to explain that the term "guy" is gender neutral, and can be used when referring to either a group of men or a group of men and women. This month, a couple of our ĎBible Galsí join in the writing (and more are sure to follow).

Sis. Nancy McNabb has written an article highlighting the 2nd anniversary of our Internet presence. What a wonderful age we live in, when you are able to communicate with people around the globe with such ease. We are truly blessed to live in these times.

The Christian bookstore scene in Western Mass. has been changing. Sis. Paula Allen, our circulation manager is covering these changes with respect to our distribution centers: Cornerstone Christian Bookstores in Agawam and Springfield, The Upper Room Corner Store in Hadley, and Journey of Grace in Chicopee. Each month, we will highlight one of these companies, complete with interviews with the owners and a closer look at each oneís unique presence and vision. God bless the various Christian establishments of our region as we work together to spread the message of Christís love and grace.

One final reminder: The Feast of Pentecost is just around the corner!! May 24-27 we will gather together for our annual celebration of this biblical festival. The weekend services will include various speakers, music, worship and prayer. We are looking forward to a great spiritual blessing as we enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit in this sacred time. All are welcome and are encouraged not only to attend but also to participate. We all must not only be edified, but also edify one another. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Brothers & sisters, we are living in times in which the urgency to get right with God has never been greater. Things are happening, both in the secular and religious circles, that are a fulfillment of prophecy. Grab your Bibles and read. Get on your knees and pray. Find a Bible-believing church. Get a hold of God ... and donít let go until He blesses you. (Gen. 32:24-32)

David M. McNabb

Editor & Bible Guy