From the Editor
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So much has happened since the last Bible Guys, that it seemed as though it has been more than a month!? God is great and greatly to be praised!? His blessings are too marvelous to tell.

We held our Feast of Firstfruits observance May 16-19.? We were blessed with the word by many different speakers.? The Spirit of God was so sweet, and the unction of the Lord was present in every message.? Oh, how I love Him!

The worship of our Lord in song was equally edifying.? We were also blessed with a number of ?special? songs, not the least of which was a truly moving song about the attacks of 9-11 written by Bro. Richard McNabb entitled ?Did You Hear the Call??

Friday and Saturday, during the Feast, we had Fellowship in the Word in the morning and in the afternoon.? These Bible study sessions proved to be very enriching and enlightening.? Even when we took our lunch breaks, we continued in fellowship, thinking about the things of God.

I came away from this Feast renewed and refreshed.? Praise the Almighty God!

We want to congratulate our graduates of the Class of 2002: Candace McNabb, Springfield (MA) Central High School, and Christine Allen, South Hadley (MA) High School.? God bless you and grant that you be fruitful for Him in your many endeavors to come.

We also want to congratulate Christopher Gates and Tamara McNabb, who were united in marriage on May 26th.? Our blessings are upon them, and our deepest desire is that God would always be the center of their life together, and the focus of their new family.

May was not short on excitement.? On one rainy day in May, a motorist traveling down our street slid off the road, wiping out our sign.? The beautiful brick footing, which was made by Pastor McNabb, was left virtually unharmed.? The new sign, with which God apparently wanted to bless us, is already in the works.? Praise Him, for He is ever faithful!

This issue of The Bible Guys wraps up our fourth year.? I am so very thankful to be a part of this ministry.? I pray that it continues to be a blessing to God?s people.

God bless you all!

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy