Study: Take, Don’t Send, Kids to Church

A recent study cited by a prominent Christian radio minister revealed the impact of the parents’ church-going habits on the children.

When both parents attend and participate in church regularly, 79% of their children will go on to serve God. When only the father takes the children, that number drops to 55%.

When it is the mother that is the religious influence, amazingly, the number drops to a mere 15%. And only 9% of children whose parents are not involved in church will end up going themselves.

When one or both parents don’t attend church, they are sending a message to their children that it isn’t really important. When the mother leaves for church on Sunday and the father heads off to the golf course or the “big game,” he is telling his kids – particularly the boys – that church is for women, and that they, too, won’t have to go when they get old enough.

Take heed to this lesson, parents. If you desire for your kids to do what is right – to serve and love God – lead by example.