Bonnie Cunningham, My Mother
By Zena McNabb

In Loving Memory

Bonnie Irene Cunningham

Oct. 1, 1917 - June 4, 2000

Bonnie Cunningham was my mother and I was truly blessed by God to be her daughter. She truly fit the example of a virtuous woman written about in Proverbs 31. I think of the old saying "God first, Others second, and Self last" and that was how my mother lived.

She was born October 1, 1917 in Sparta, TN and was born again in October, 1932 in a little church where my father was pastor. They made a wonderful team in the ministry and lived what they preached. One of mother's favorite songs was "Born To Serve The Lord" and that is the lesson she instilled in my sisters and me.

For many years she suffered with arthritis that crippled her little body so much and though she could not work in the church as before, she was diligent in prayer and a faithful witness. If you asked her how she was, she would usually say "About the same" and then say "God has been so good to me." I have had many people tell me that when they went to visit her, they went away blessed and refreshed in the Lord.

My mother testified, "It has been great to be a Church of God preacherís wife." Things were not always a flowery bed of ease and they could not always afford what they may have wanted, but God did always supply their needs. He never failed them, and she knew He never would.

She said, "I wouldnít change my life for anything, it has been so fulfilling and Godís people have been so good to us though the years. I am happy that I was able to assist my husband in the work for a total of twenty-four and one half years combined in six states while my husband was State Overseer.

She passed away the fourth of June and I miss her very much. But I know she is at rest with the Lord and awaiting a great resurrection and a "new body." I will always remember and treasure her love and teaching and say, "Thank God for my mother." Her earthly life is over, but her influence lives on in many lives.