From the Editor

What a mighty God we serve! The angels bow before Him! Heaven and earth adore Him! What a mighty God we serve!

The Spirit of the Lord thrilled and refreshed us as we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost a the start of this month. With edifying sermons and Bible studies, uplifting worship and blessed fellowship, our strength – my strength – was renewed. I want to thank God with all my heart and invite YOU, the reader, not to miss the next feast – the Feast of Ingathering – which we will celebrate Oct. 12-15.

This month’s issue is jam-packed. We continue with Part 2 of the sermon "Jubilee – the End of Harvest." This True Saying Series article, in its entirety, is also available in booklet form from The People of Truth upon request.

My family and I were able to visit my last living grandparent, Grandma Cunningham, at the end of May. We spent some time with her, and she finally got to meet my 9-month-old daughter Hannah, the only great-grandchild she had yet to meet. From there we visited my wife’s sister in Washington, DC to end our vacation. On the last day of our trip, just before our flight home out of Dulles Airport, we received word that Grandma had passed away that morning. I appreciate the hand of God in allowing us to be with her during the last days of her blessed life.

We have included a special tribute to this wonderful daughter of God in this issue. Her life served as a blessing to many, many people, and it is my great honor to have been her "kin."

As we were preparing this issue, the Supreme Court made some news on the religious front. We have added a special insert entitled "Kissing the Constitution Good-bye: a Christians in the Cross-hairs Special Report."

In January of this year, we began the Christians in the Cross-Hairs column, in which we periodically report of persecution against Christianity in the U.S. and around the world. We, as Christian-Americans, must recognize that persecution is mounting right here – under our very noses – in the "good old U. S. of A." in spite of our belief that "it could never happen here."

From its inception, The Bible Guys has been intended to edify and inform its readership. Next month will mark our second anniversary as we continue to labor to that goal. Thank God for His inspiration and blessing as we work for Him!

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy