From the Editor
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Peace unto you brothers, sisters and friends.? I am always so honored to share God?s word with you each month.? This issue marks this publication?s fourth anniversary.

It does not seem possible that it has been four years since we launched The Bible Guys.? As I look back on the last four years, I give all honor and glory and thanks to God!? He has been so good to us as we have endeavored to work for Him.? I am most thankful for His inspiration.? As I reflect on the many, many articles we have published, I appreciate that God has blessed us with the unction to write about a great many topics.? We have covered so much ground, and, yet, it is ever apparent that we have barely scratched the surface of what is found in God?s word.

As we begin this fifth year, I ask that, when you pray, you remember us, and ask the Lord to continue to inspire us and anoint this ministry, that we might be an even greater blessing to God?s people.

The cover of this issue features a picture of Bro. A. J. Tomlinson, the prophet who ?found the Church at the Fields of the Wood? on June 13, 1903.? That date, this year, began the 100th year since the ?Arise, Shine? of the Church in these last days.? In commemoration of the centennial, for the next twelve months, we will feature an articles about the Church, highlighting important landmarks reached during the last century.? This series will give you better insight into who we, at The People of Truth, are: our history and our vision.

I also want to praise God for the honor of announcing the recent ordination of two gifted prophetesses: Sisters Yolanda Garcia and Lyudmila McNabb.? These precious women of God have shown a great love of the Lord and a deep desire to do His will.? I trust the Lord will use them in a marvelous way to His glory!

The U.S. Federal Court recently attempted to declare the words ?under God? in the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional.? Although the outcry of Americans has seemed to thwart those efforts, it is certain that the victory will be short-lived.? The devil knows his time is short, and will stop at nothing to wear out the saints of God.? More and more, we Christians need to see our?selves as Strangers and Pilgrims on the earth, for one day, very soon, our prayers will be answered, God?s kingdom will come, and we will finally find our Country.? (Heb. 11:13-16)

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy