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Journey of Grace: Helping People with their Faith’s Journey

By Paula Allen

Charles Yanosky, together with his wife Echo, are the owners of the Journey of Grace Christian Book Shop, another faithful distribution site. Brother Chuck as been a blessing to us, as he eagerly awaits our monthly issues. He reports that customers at his book shop also anticipate the arrival of each edition. Chuck’s warm and friendly manner has been an encouragement in our venture to reach out to as many as we can with the Word of God. Brothers Eldon and David McNabb, and my husband David Allen have all visited the Journey of Grace and have enjoyed their fellowship with Chuck.

The Journey of Grace is the closest distribution site to our worship center. It is located in the Westover Shops at 591 James St. in Chicopee, MA. The store was a project that the Yanosky’s had been pondering and praying about for a number of years. Although they had planned to open a store in the Fall of 2000, the date was moved up when they found this location. Chuck said it was the right spot. They then spent a few months with renovations and stocking, and The Journey of Grace opened in April of 2000. Chuck is the manager and mainstay person at the store, while Echo, a nurse by profession, is currently at home to raise their five children. Brother Chuck says of his aspirations for the store, "I want to help people with their faith’s journey."

The walls of the store are decorated with inspirational pictures, while the racks are filled with bibles, books, cards and calendars. There is also a small area with afghans, mugs and a variety of other gift items. The store also carries some items from local Christian artisans. Accordingly, Chuck has our "Bound To Be Saved" t-shirts for sale. The shirts are a product of the Bible Guys Drama Club whose premier performance of the play "Bound To Be Saved" was in December of 2000. There are also CD’s – mostly traditional and contemporary gospel music – for sale, and also a children’s corner filled with books and videos.

Over the months of leaving copies of the Bible Guys at the Journey of Grace, I have appreciated Chuck’s openness and willingness to help promote our efforts for God. My prayer is as expressed in 3 John 2, "...that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."