July 2001


From the Editor

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Once again, greetings brothers and sisters in the Name of the Lord. I am so excited about the time in which we live! God is blessing me, personally, so richly that I cannot find the words to describe my joy. Daily He is giving me more reasons to love and trust Him. He daily opens doors for me to witness, both to the unsaved about salvation, and to believers about a deeper relationship with Him. Life in the service of our great God and Creator is without comparison! How Great Thou Art, O Lord!

With this issue of The Bible Guys, we embark on our fourth year. As we begin this new year of the publication, I felt that it was time for a change in the format. The first, and probably most easily noticeable, change is the cover. The theme for the change was "It's Time to Think Outside the Box." So, the box which contained the logo is now gone and a theme-based graphic will appear on each month's cover. We have also taken this "From the Editor" section off the front and moved it inside.

Inside, a couple of things have been done to both increase readability and enhance the paper's overall look and feel. We have changed the font face from the standard Times New Roman to a more contemporary, and easier-to-read, Arrus font. Additionally, we have increased the number of columns from two to three. Also, we will be including some of The Back Pew comic strips created by Jeff Larson, and other inspirational materials. Finally, we have switched the mailing preparation from a bi-fold format to a single fold, which will greatly decrease the bulk-mail prep time.

If you have any comments on these enhancements, or suggestions on further changes, please feel free to contact us.

Dear friends, as we seek to enhance the look and feel of The Bible Guys, no changes will matter at all without the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Please remember to keep us and this work in your prayers, that the articles and materials printed here will be inspired and anointed, working to the edification of the saints.

My desire is that God is glorified, sinners are led to Christ, and Christians are edified and motivated to seek the Lord and draw closer to Him. In these last days, nothing is even remotely as important as our relationship with the Almighty.

May God's blessings be upon you. I pray that this publication will continue to be just one of the tools through which you are blessed.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy