A Long-awaited Reunion
By Pari Hoxha

After 2 years of longing and being away from my family, the Lord blessed me by making possible a long-awaited reunion with them in Macedonia (a few miles away from my native country of Albania) on July 11th.

Exhausted from the long flight, the moment that for 2 years seemed unimaginable was miraculously about to happen. After a tearful meeting with my parents and my brother, we were headed to Struga, the pleasant city where we spent 10 wonderful days together. At last, I again enjoyed the delicious cooking of my mother and had a good time swimming with my brother and father at the lake near by. The visit of my cousins and friend made the trip all the more special.

God also blessed on my way home with a safe and enjoyable flight. Once again I saw Godís love, protection and care upon me on this unforgettable trip. I am grateful because He knows our needs grants us the desires of our heart.