From the Editor

Happy New Year friends, brothers and sisters. We begin this year with great expectations for Godís blessings upon His people. The opponents of Christianity try to gain momentum, and the opportunities for God to show forth His glory in us abound more and more. God grant us the strength to stand firmly as a defense of the Gospel.

In spite of a storm, our New Yearís service proceeded on schedule. Our drama company performed an encore presentation of our original play "Bound to be Saved." This story, describing one womanís conversion, is told with powerful imagery and song. We thank the visitors that were in attendance, and all of our own people who pulled together to ensure the success of the production. We are now looking into booking performances at other churches. If you are interested in hosting a performance of this play, please contact me at (413) 222-3306.

After a one-hour refreshment break, during which we shared some sweet fellowship, we re-entered the sanctuary for prayer and praise. We lifted up the name of the Lord and worshiped Him as we kicked off 2001. I was overjoyed at the opportunity to make God the center of our program. He truly deserves to be celebrated for all of the wonderful things He has done, is doing, and shall do.

Our fifth edition of the Strangers and Pilgrims calendar for 2001 has also shipped out. Our own little brother Remington McNabb did a wonderful job on the illustration, and I am considering doing a full twelve-picture format for next yearís edition. We are grateful to those who have supported this publication by their order.

On January 20th, America will have a new president: George W. Bush. Remember him in your prayers. He inherits a most prominent role in a world of uncertainty and trouble. May God guide him and grant him wisdom as he manís the helm of the United States.

Pastor Eldon McNabb and I were blessed to be able to go down to Tennessee this month. Although we were only there for a weekend and did not see everyone we had hoped to see, we were able to visit a number of brothers and sisters there. (GOD BLESS RESA BUTCHER!!)

We were especially pleased with the opportunity to engage some of the saints there in Bible discussion. Bros. Tim and Wayne Moulder and their family were a real blessing to us in so many ways. We appreciate greatly the hospitality and fellowship which we enjoyed on this trip.

Also a word of thanks to all of your prayers for Sis. Margaret Moulder. Praise the Lord, She is back home and doing much better.

Let us prepare ourselves for the upcoming Feast of Passover. We will be taking the Lordís Supper in commemoration of this feast and of His precious sacrifice on Calvary April 8th, 2001 at 10:00 at our Worship Center.

Let us be ever mindful of the will of the Lord and strive to perform it!

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy