From the Editor

January 1, 2000 came at midnight, as did every other New Yearís day. And, as with every New Yearís before, the sky was still blue, the ATMís still worked, the lights shone steadily, and my computer functioned as it always had (GPFís and all).

Pundits in both Christian and secular camps proved to have been premature in their predictions of chaos and anarchy, and I, for one, am glad that their prognostications were premature. The Bible clearly predicts world-wide trouble, and the word of God is sure. The same Book also says, "In such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." Obviously, it could not have been Jan. 1st, because too many people expected it to be.

We had a wonderful service on New Yearís Eve. It was joyous to greet 2000 with saints of God in worship. We glorified God in song, prayer and praise, and were edified greatly. We also stayed together and fellowshipped with each other. It is wonderful to be together with brothers and sisters of like precious faith, keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

On December 24th, 1999, we had the opportunity to visit Pastor Reginald DeVoneís church in Southbridge, MA: Truth Deliverance Apostolic Temple.

It was our great pleasure to worship together with these saints and to share with them the word of God. Pastor Eldon McNabb preached and others from our congregation ministered with music.

We were invited to return, and look forward to their visiting and worshipping with us in the near future.

I was recently moved to look into some of the persecution of Christians going on around the world, and felt that it is important for Godís people to be aware of these travesties.

I found a very good, eye-opening article on the Internet at entitled The Lions are Back. I was granted permission to include that article in The Bible Guys, and am using it to introduce a new column that will run periodically: Christians in the Cross-hairs.
All three foreign editions of our newsletter should be out by the middle of February. God is really blessing us in our multi-lingual endeavors.
My thanks goes out to all of those who have supported this publication, contributing with content, suggestions and even finances. I hope that those who read this newsletter are edified, even as I am in the work of publishing it.
God bless you richly in this new year.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy