New Ensign Waves over Worship Center

The colors had faded. The seams had let out. The end had frayed. Gazing up at the flagpoles outside our tabernacle, one could easily see the effect of the weather and the sun on our standard.

We had two options: have it made or make it ourselves. Our own Sis. Paula Allen accepted the challenge, although this would be the seamstress’ first flag.

She was, however, up to the task, and, after a short while, she presented to the congregation a flag worthy of the most professional flag makers.

Once again, the flagpole bears the spotless White which represents the righteousness of the saints, and the shimmering Blue of truth. Again the majestic Purple of the royalty of the King of kings is displayed, which surrounds the symbol of Jesus’ righteous judgment: the golden Scales.

We appreciate Paula’s work, skill and zeal in this project.

Photo by Wolfgang Stauber
Sis. Paula Allen Displays the new flag