Foreign Fall Editions Completed

Both Russian and Albanian Fall issues were recently completed and distributed. Çunat e Biblës, our Albanian edition, which is translated and edited by Pari Hoxha, featured a special article by Bro. Pari on the origins of various traditions of the Christmas and Easter holidays including the tree and Santa Claus, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. Bro. Pari did a wonderful job on the article, part of which has been translated and included in this English edition.


These special issues were shipped to Bro. Hoxha’s hometown of Tirane, Albania and were distributed to Evangelical Pentecostal churches there, with the help of Bro. Drini Imamin and Sis. Rozeta Shkembin, precious saints and friends of Pari.

The mail is usually delivered in 3-4 weeks, but the newsletters amazingly arrived in under 2. We received an e-mail from both Bro. Drini and also from the Pastor of Word of Life Church in Tirane. They had gone to the library and researched the facts of the article and proven them true for themselves. Praise God that they have taken the opportunity to learn the truth of the Scriptures. I hope it bears fruit there.

Also, we would like to express our gratitude to Pari’s mother, Ganimete Hoxha, who sent us Albanian Bibles to distribute to the ethnic-Albanian Kosovar refugees. They are mostly adherents of Islam, and we hope that these Bibles may be a tool to show them the way of Christ.


The Fall Russian issue has also gone out. It is available at various Russian churches in Western Massachusetts and Utica, NY, and at Victory, the Russian store on Union St. in West Springfield.

This installment features Part 1 of the recent series ‘The Time of Harvest,’ as well as ‘The Turning Point in the U.S.,’ an article about anti-Christian Supreme Court decisions beginning in the early ‘60's.

We have also gotten very good responses from the Russian Christian community about our paper.

Our appreciation to Bro. Vadim Privedenyuk for his help with the translation. When he returns from Riga, Latvia early next month, we will print the Winter issue.

Also next month, we will begin publishing in Spanish. With help from Bros. Adalberto Sanchez and Moses Quintanilla, we are currently planning to translate and print selected articles on a bi-monthly basis.

Winter of 2000 will also mark the 1st anniversary of our Albanian edition. Praise God for all that is happening as we work to "teach all nations!"