From the Editor of the Bible Guys December 2001


December 2001


From the Editor
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Praise be to the Lord God most high! The year 2001 now comes to a close and what a year it has been! So much has changed, especially in the last few months, revealing to us all that we are truly in the last days. The signs are everywhere! We must learn what we must do at this important time in history to work the works of God.

We must heed the message of the two men of Acts chapter 1. They bade the believers to not "stand around looking up," but to get about the business of the Lord. Today, many Christians are "standing around looking up" in earnest expectation of "the rapture." It's time to seek God's face, find out what we must do and do it. "It may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord's anger." (Zeph. 2:3)

We had acquired, by God's blessing, a wonderful copier some time ago which facilitated our printing of this publication ourselves at minimal cost. Recently, we were blessed to obtain a second, newer copier - the same model as the one we already had, for a fraction of the miraculous cost of the first! God is truly great! Now, we print in half of the time it used to take, Praise His Holy Name!

The Strangers and Pilgrims 2002 calendar will be ready for mailing by year's end. This sixth edition of The People of Truth's calendar follows the same format as the previous editions and features an illustration of Abraham and Isaac on the mountains of Moriah. The cost will be the same: $7.50 (which includes shipping). Please get your orders in soon.

I am thankful to God to continue to be able to share God's word via this medium of The Bible Guys. Every month I am reminded of God's mercy and love.

This month's issue features an article by Pastor McNabb which expresses a truth of the Bible that is often ignored. Many Christians believe that no one knows, or can know, God's time schedule. The truth is, God does nothing, except He reveals it to His servants the prophets.

Also in this issue, the Bible gives us insight into the true origin of the legend of Santa Claus. This icon of Christmas has an agenda, and the Bible reveals the shocking truth!

May the Most High God shed His grace on thee as this year comes to a close, and may He lead and keep thee and give thee understanding, that you may be faithful unto the end.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy