December 2001


Ask the Bible Guys

A Late-Breaking News Report: Church Terrorists
Author Unknown (Submitted by Robert Martin,Shelbyville, TN)

An additional group of 10 terrorists have been newly discovered, only this time, operating out of the churches across America. Identified by Christian security forces earlier today, the following have been confirmed to be secretly undermining the work of the gospel in the United States.

They have been identified as: Bin Lying, Bin Sleeping, Bin Arguing, Bin Fighting, Bin Complaining, Bin Missing, Bin Procrastinatin', Bin Backslidin', and Bin non-tithin'. The ring leader is no other than Bin Lucifer, who has trained these operatives very well. They are out to destroy the body of Christ. Their strategy is always the same: covertly infiltrate the local churches disguised as Christians, pretend to love the Lord but secretly sow seeds of discord, criticism, discouragement, doubt and other sins among the congregation. If any of these terrorists are seen operating in your church, immediately report them to your pastor and pray for revival.

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