Keeping Him Real

The Divine Healer
By Jacob Garcia

The following testimony is nothing less of a miracle that was bestowed upon me and which displays the love and healing power of the Almighty God who receives all glory and honor.

When I was very young, I was diagnosed with a mild case of epilepsy. My life began to change immensely. I was forced to take medication on a daily basis which was mandatory to avoid epileptic attacks from occurring. Throughout the years from child to preteen to adulthood, this physical condition has always been a very traumatic situation for myself and for my family. Not only did this condition need to be stabilized with preventive medication, but also there was no way of predicting when a seizure would take place even with the medication. For many years I had a neurologist who I would see frequently for testing and dosage increases. When I did finally get a straight answer, based on the long awaited test results, I was instructed that I had to take this drug for the rest of my life. This preventative remedy was given to me for a condition which the physician specified as an epileptic phenomenon.

Apparently there was no cure for my condition, and certainly there was no comfort in my family for a long period of time. All my life, my family has had to endure seeing me in a very weak, helpless and painful physical state. Meanwhile, the only hope that I had for any cure came from prayer. For some time I had questioned my faith, or lack thereof, in the healing powers of God which, I learned through his word, helped and revived the lame, the blind, and even the dead. What I wanted to know was how long it would take for my faithful prayers to be answered and if I was lacking in anything that was preventing my long awaited health. The physicians were dumbfounded with my condition and the medication kept on coming which allowed me to believe that there was no remedy to this neurological abnormality.

Ministers came to and went from my church in New York City and I always took the opportunity for a prayer of faith, hopeful to end this longsuffering. I remember one instance in which the preacher advised me to stop taking the medication and declare my health in the name of Jesus. That same night I decided to put those words into action, so I didnít take my evening dose and went right to bed. The next thing I remembered was waking up on a cold floor in my own blood that was seeping from my mouth. At that moment, I decided to cry out to God and let him know that I accepted my condition as being not a burden, but a condition to remind me of the physical discrepancies that can remain in the life of a Christian when your faith just is not good enough. So I thought.

From that point on, I went about my life not thinking twice of my condition and no longer did I ask God for healing. But sometimes it just takes one prayer of many for the miracle to happen. Soon after I relocated to Massachusetts, I began attending a church in the town of South Hadley by the name of "The People of Truth." My first week at this congregation was filled with delightful praise and worship with uplifting sermons. At the end of the week, on a Saturday night, I decided to attend their scheduled prayer meeting. I attended this gathering with the thought of catching up with my prayer list. While there, I had enough time to give major thought to every word I spoke unto God. And in a short time, I felt His Holy Spirit come upon me and I experienced a warmth that allowed me to revive a prayer that I hadnít voiced out in a long time. At that moment, I felt His warmth surrounding me. I knew right then that God had done something good. I went home and immediately threw out my medication without telling anyone. I waited approximately three months Ė unmedicated Ė before I decided to testify about what had happened or to even confess healing. But at the end of that three months, I fell on my knees one day and cried out to God from my heart for the miracle He had performed in me even if it seemed long-awaited.

Ever since then, I have had to wonder if God was waiting for me to relocate, get married, have children, and find the People of Truth to obtain a peace and serenity in order to see His glory done in my life. In any case, I thank and love the Lord for having the power to "heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease."(Matthew 10:1) For God is the Divine Healer who heals the epileptics, the blind, the weak, the lame, and the brokenhearted, through faith and, sometimes, also patience. God Bless You!