Some Pertinent Facts

By C. Eldon McNabb

There have been some very interesting and important things going on recently in the legislatures of our country, both Federal and otherwise.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS:  There is somewhat which could be said about the recent, 6 years or so, campaign to remove all of the public displays of the “Ten Commandments.”  Actually they are mostly symbolic in the minds of most Christians.  For instance, very few Christians make any attempt to “keep” the Sabbath which the Apostle Paul said, in Romans 14, was altogether up to the individual’s conscience.  It is the restrictive things which Israel was commanded to either do, or not do, to which the atheist among us object, as well as the obvious contradiction of their denial of the existence of the Creator.  It is merely a small part of the national effort to hide God away, out of sight, so they can justify their decadent ways.

ANTI-CHRISTIAN LEGISLATION:  The flagrant, and unconstitutional ruling by the Federal Judiciary, in 1963-1964, to take the reading of the Bible, and Christian prayers out of the public schools was the first major move, in the U. S. to outlaw Christianity in America.  They have now begun to pick up the tempo, with ever increasing pressure to eliminate the mention of God, altogether, from any public place.  Furthermore, the pressure is on to force the homosexual lifestyle on even kindergarten students in the schools, and to force it even into the privacy of the church and the pulpit.

THE DAILY SACRIFICE SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY:  On January 2, 2007, a very important piece of legislation went into effect, which is another big step in their plan to neutralize Christianity.  The legislation requires that any claim of deductions for financial support to any religious work must be supported by receipts.  That may sound as if it is harmless, but it is exactly what the prophets of the Bible call for.  In Daniel 9:26-27, Daniel told us that, in the midst of the seven-week period following the ascension of our Lord and Savior, as the New Testament covenant was being confirmed by many, that He would “cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease.”  That passage, together with Dan. 12:11, also prophesies of the midst of the last seven days of the Grace Age when, just 1290 days before the end of the 2,300 days, a similar event must also happen to Gentile Christianity.  We publicly declared this date for that event on our chart of coming events: “The Last Seven Years” on March 15, 2006, although I left it a little less specific in the December issue of “The Bible Guys.”

In Philippians 4:17, Paul showed something about what the daily sacrifice is, saying to the church at Philippi, “I have all, and abound: I am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you, an odor of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to God.”  This new legislation of January 2nd is the beginning of the government taking away of the New Testament version of the daily sacrifice.

That is just one step in the government’s plan to “break the financial back” of Christianity and immobilize it.  Effective immediately, any donation which a Christian gives must be given in the form of a check, or by an electronic transaction in order for it to be accepted by the government as deductible.

Apparently the desolation of Christianity has moved into the position of top priority on the government’s agenda.

THE BONDAGE OF NATIONAL HEALTH CARE:  The government in America has been pushing for years to force all residents to participate in their health care.  In 2006, the state of Massachusetts became the first state to mandate universal health care.  Then, before January of 2007 was over, Texas mandated that all girls in the state, when entering the 6th grade, must submit to an inoculation for a venereal disease which causes cervical cancer in women.  The law was put into effect immediately.  Why can they not simply mandate that all single people refrain from sexual activity, for then, the disease, with all of its emotional distress, would simply go away.

NATIONAL I.D. CARD:  Another very important development, perhaps the most striking one, is a 2005 law which is called “the Real ID Act of 2005.”  (Also, the technology for marking all of us beneath the skin is already available to them.)   Several states: Maine, Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington State have balked and intend to pass resolutions declining to participate.  However, the Federal Government will win, because they have every intention of “marking” every resident in the country, and perhaps the world. 

How long will it take for that to evolve into a means of forcing the “Mark of the Beast” upon us?   Well, the law has already been overwhelmingly passed by the Congress, and date is set for compliance, by the states, for May, 2008.

The imposition of the universal mark is nigh at hand, although not yet “at the door.” 

Do you have a plan?  What requirement would the government have to impose upon Christianity before we simply say “No,” and depend on God to protect us, and to sustain us, and to be our healer?

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