From the Editor
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Thanks be to God for this wonderful year!† As the psalmist said, the Lord crowns the year with goodness.† 2006 has truly fulfilled the word of God.

The Lord did indeed put a crown of goodness on this year, even right at its close.† The visit by Brother Philip Thomas brought great joy to our hearts.† Bro. Eldon and I went to Indianapolis it pick him up, and spent a couple of marvelous days in Godís word both with Pastor Philip, and with our dear friends Delvin and Jennifer McClendon.† The McClendonís faith and interest in Godís word is truly precious.

Traveling by car, and now joined by Bro. Philip, the three of us visited some saints in eastern Tennessee before returning home.† During the entire trip, we spent time in fellowship and in the word of God.† There is no sweeter environment than that which can be found in the presence of the Holy Ghost!

Bro. Philip spent a week and a half with us in South Hadley, and then traveled with Bro. Eldon and Sis. Zena McNabb back through Indianapolis (for another brief visit with the brethren there), and then on to Tulsa.† Sister Zena testified that she enjoyed the move of the Spirit as they spoke to one another of the good things of God, and sang praises to Him on the trip.

They were able to witness the wonderful way the Lord is working in Oklahoma, and the many doors that God is opening there.† Bro. and Sis. McNabb came back rejoicing because of Godís mighty acts.

From Tulsa, Bro. Philip Thomas continued on his journey, visiting his sister in Oklahoma City, and eventually returning to Chicago, from which he will fly back to his home in India.

Shortly after Bro. and Sis. McNabb returned from Tulsa, Bro. Delvin and Sis. Jennifer arrived from Indianapolis, and we all continue to rejoice in Godís word.

Now, we find ourselves at the threshold of the year 2007, and I am awaiting this next year with great anticipation.† Knowing that we are living in the last days, and that the return of our Lord is neared with every day, I want to encourage each and every one of you to set your heart on the things of God.† He has preserved His word, so that we might know what His will is for us today.

As we approach the millennial reign of Christ, it is all the more important that we obey the Lordís commandment to be holy.† Brethren, set your heart and your soul to seek the Lord your God, till He come and rain righteousness upon you.† Blessed be His name forever and ever.† Amen.

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