Oklahoma Update

By Randy Ketcherside

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus.

On the heels of a visit by Bro. Elden McNabb last month, where we were blessed and continued to learn from his teaching, we were blessed with visitors again this month.

First, we welcomed our new pastor, Bro. Joel McNabb.  He and Sister Nancy McNabb arrived from Massachusetts amid a series of blessings with their van. Although Sis. Nancy had to return to Massachusetts, Bro. Joel continues to be a blessing to us, as the church grows in Tulsa.  In the last couple of weeks, we have had services in our home, and have visited some other local churches.

Bro. Joel was invited to preach at the Church of God in Divine Order, one of the churches we visited.  We are really grateful to God for the fellowship we have shared thus far, and for the doors that He is continuing to open.

Shortly after their arrival, our blessings were multiplied with a visit from Bro. Dave and Sis. Paula Allen.  During his visit, brother Allen, the People of Truth’s Secretary of the Treasury, helped us set up our accounting system.

While we enjoyed the presence of our visitors, we also received the added blessing of our official approval from the State of Oklahoma to operate here as The People of Truth

We continue to be edified by the Bible studies we share each Saturday with the congregation in Massachusetts.  Before the Allen’s left we purchased a new conference phone which is already serving to greatly improve the quality of our meetings.

We thank God for all of our visitors, and look forward to having them back again.  Continue to keep us in your prayers, as the Lord gives the increase to the work which He has called us to do here in Oklahoma.         

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