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Bro. Chuck Crismier, a dear friend and brother in Richmond, Virginia, conducts a daily radio program called "Viewpoint" that broadcasts across the U.S. on the IRN radio network. He is the founder and president, of Save America Ministries (, addressing issues vital to the state of our nation today, such as divorce and remarriage, child illegitimacy, and general morality: especially among professing Christians.

We are grateful to God for the ministry of Bro. Crismier, and for all those who stand for the truth of the Word of God today, for he has obviously set his heart to do his part to work for the salvation of this great nation.

As I thought upon the name "Save America Ministries," I began to wonder, "What would it take to save America." So that is my question to you, "What would it take to save America."

Pray. Think about it. Study the Bible, and write us a letter or an e-mail, and tell us what you conclude.

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