From the Editor
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Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ. We are publishing this month's Bible Guys in the midst of quite a bit of activity. On April 28th, Bro. Eldon and I left for a meeting with some brethren in Kings Mountain, NC. The meeting was hosted by the Gospel Assembly Church. Sadly, their founding pastor, Brother William Podaras, had passed away not too many days before. The new pastor, Bro. John Whitworth called the meeting, and we were very blessed by the hospitality and fellowship that he and his church extended to us and the other brethren who were able to be there. Brother John Marlow, pastor of Bradenton (FL) Gospel Tabernacle, came with some of the brethren from his local assembly. Also in attendance were Pastor Isaac Jere of Pittsburgh, PA, Pastor Edwin White of Kingsport, TN, and Pastor Paul Brintley of Dallas, NC. We greatly enjoyed the time with these brethren, and are looking forward to a closer fellowship with them. I am hoping that some can attend our Feast of Pentecost this June 9-12, and we are already planning a second trip to the area.

I thank God for bringing us together, even though He did so by way of a prank. Someone gave Bro. Gary Bryant, a member at the Kings Mountain church, a subscription to The Bible Guys as a joke. Bro. Bryant, however, liked what he read, and began distributing copies of our publication. He contacted us, and that prank has turned into a wonderful friendship with a dear brother. Praise be to the Lord Most High!

I also want to thank God for the opportunity we had on the way to North Carolina to spend some time with Brother Chuck Crismier in Richmond, VA. His no-nonsense "Viewpoint" radio program, and Save America Ministries, have been a real inspiration to many believers around the country, and around the world. The Lord worked it out that we could sit down together for a couple of hours and share the goodness of God. (You can find more information on the work that Bro. Crismier is doing on his website at

A lot is going on locally as well. Pastor and Sister McNabb celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on May 10th. On May 6th, we threw a surprise party for them at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA, where they had celebrate their first and nineteenth anniversaries so many years ago. The 75 people in attendance, including Sister Zena's sisters and niece from Louisiana and Tennessee, were witnesses to the utter shock of the guests of honor. It was such a privilege to be a part of such a touching display of love and gratefulness directed to this couple who have done so much, for so many, for so long. God bless them with many more years!

We are also doing a lot of work around the church property in South Hadley, MA. We are currently expanding our parking lot, installing a fence, planting trees, and re-siding a section of the offices. We are also looking to update the sound system in the sanctuary. All of this is taking time, energy and finances, but God is providing for it all to be accomplished.

In next month's issue, we are going to include some photos and more details on the various projects we are doing. Pray our strength in the Lord.

Don't forget to attend the Feast of Pentecost June 9-12 here in South Hadley, MA. I hope to see you there!

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy