News Brief

By David M. McNabb

Worship Center property in South Hadley, Mass. gets more

Top: Making way for the more parking: The last of four large evergreens kicks up a cloud of dust as it falls. The removal of the trees is part of a large project to add about 50 parking spaces to the church parking lot. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-summer. Below left: At the other end of the parking lot, we planted 9 new hemlocks, delineating the property line on the east. Below right: Sis. Lyuda McNabb takes turns with Bro. Jacob Garcia digging holes for the new trees.

Things are changing once again at The People of Truth's worship center in South Hadley, Mass. The Lord has provided the funds for some major undertakings to occur on the property, which includes a Sanctuary, Sunday school rooms, and administrative offices for all of The People of Truth's operations, including the publication of The Bible Guys.

Satellite photos of the property, found on the Internet, show four, very distinct trees on the south side. Those were recently removed to make way for a new parking lot, accommodating about 55 cars. Bro. Eldon McNabb has been doing most of the work himself, with the help of Bro. Fyodor Kochurin. An outside firm was hired to remove the trees and the stumps.

In preparation for the new parking lot, Bro. McNabb has been building a new fence around much of the property's perimeter. Additionally, nine new hemlocks were purchased, and planted on the east end of the property, in an area which will also hold a variety of other plants.

A large area, approximately 8' X 80', along the southwest side of the new parking lot is designated for a landscaping project, with ornamental trees and various flowering plants.

Additionally, Bros. David McNabb and Jacob Garcia have begun preparing a section of the office building's exterior walls, which had not gotten vinyl siding during the previous phases of renovation. Although most of the complex's exterior has been updated, quite a bit still requires attention.

All of this work requires man-hours, energy and finances, and, as God continues to provide in those areas, we will continue to do our part.