News Brief

By David M. McNabb

Billy Graham and the Last Crusade?

After nearly 60 years of ministry, Billy Graham conducted what is expected to be his last evangelistic crusade this month. The 3-night, weekend revival was host to an estimated 230,000 people, where 5,582 went forward to register Christian commitments upon Graham's invitation to "make their decision for Christ" on Friday and Saturday alone.

No preacher in modern times has been as effective as Bro. Graham. He has remained faithful to the simple gospel of Jesus Christ that the Son of God came into the world, so that whoever believes on Him could be saved.

While almost every other prominent ministry has been exposed for one scandal or another, Billy Graham has continually brought glory to the Lord.

We celebrate his efforts for the Lord, that have reached an estimated 210 million around the globe. It will be quite a loss for the Kingdom of God to have his light dimmed. God bless you, Bro. Graham.