From the Editor
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Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

For the last ten months, I had been writing a series on the Two Witnesses. At the same time, Pastor Eldon McNabb was writing a number of important articles, especially about the restoration of the preserved of Israel. As a result, a number of items of less importance were left out of The Bible Guys, and I felt that our subscribers were due for some catching up. I hope you enjoy the pictures and updates we have included this month.

This issue marks the end of seven years of this publication. As I have said before, I cannot begin to describe the tremendous blessing this work has been to me, as, I trust, it has been to you.

As we wrap up this seventh volume of The Bible Guys, I am reflecting on the various things we have done, and how we can continue to improve this endeavor. At times, we have included crossword puzzles, featured articles from various ministers and columnists, poetry, cartoons, book reviews, and, of course, a steady diet of in-depth, thought-provoking, Scripture-based articles. At this time, I would like to get some more input from our subscribers: that is to say, from YOU, the reader.

After you finish this issue, I want to encourage you to grab a pen, or take a seat in front of your computer, or pick up the phone, and let us know how our efforts have touched you. Is there something you liked that we used to include that we discontinued? What have you liked, or possibly disliked, and what would you like to see more of in the coming months?

Obviously, we are sometimes limited by space and other considerations, and we must first be subject to the guidance of the Holy Ghost, but your opinions are important to us. We mean to provide you the very best we can within our means.

We have been led of God to conduct this ministry free to any who would receive it, but there are costs involved. Paper, equipment, software, ink, toner, utilities, and so forth are all expenses that we face. I thank the Lord that He continues to provide our needs.

Postage, although rather inexpensive, is not free. In an effort to keep our mailing list up-to-date, we include a note to the Post Office on the outside cover requesting address service. This causes the Postal Service to provide us a change of address, for which they charge us an additional $.70. One way you can help us out is to notify us of your change of address before the Post Office has to. This will continue to keep our cost of postage low.

Seven years have gone by, and we will continue to publish The Bible Guys, as long as God permits. My prayer is that this publication continues to be a blessing to the hundreds of people who read it each month.

God bless you all!

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy