News Brief
Israel Completes Gaza Pullout

18 months ago, Israeli Prime Minister made known his plan to evacuate all 21 settlements in Gaza and four in the West Bank. With relative lack of violence, that plan was carried out this month.

Just a week was needed to clear out all of the Israeli settlers from their homes, many of which were established at a tremendous cost to the families which inhabited them.

The move by Sharon came as a shock to most of the settlers, and their nationalist and orthodox supporters, since the prime minister was at one time the architect and champion of the construction of the very settlements now in control of the Palestinian Authority.

The unilateral pullout sets the stage for a State of Palestine, with hopes that it will be a step towards lasting peace. Such gifts of land, however, have never been guarantees of cessation of hostilities as is evident in the relationship between Jordan and Israel, or between India and Pakistan, for example.

A suicide bombing in Beersheva within a week after the pullout which injured 40 people further proves that peace remains an elusive dream for the people of the Middle East.

The Palestinians continue to insist on the existence of a Muslim state in the land now occupied by the nation of Israel. With the current climate, it is not difficult to see the imminent fulfillment of Zech. 14, as the nations position themselves for the day when they shall gather against Jerusalem; and the City shall be taken.

Then shall the feet of the Lord stand upon the Mount of Olives, as He comes to fight against those nations. Then shall the Lord take possession of the land, and it shall never again be given to another people.

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