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Headline: January 20, 2005, "Gaza talks defuse mounting tensions."
Headline: February 12, 2005, "Abbas to pressure militants."
Headline: February 13, 2005, "Hamas allies commit to truce."
Headline: March 14, 2005, "Israel Oks removal of illegal settlements (in Gaza)."
Headline: April 6, 2005, "Gaza Israelis open coastal resettlement."
Headline: Dec. 9, 2004, "Egyptian leader spearheads new push for Mideast peace."
Headline: March 15, 2005, "Separation barrier confirmed by Israel."
Headline: March 16, 2005, "Egypt urges unity of militant leaders."
Headline: March 18, 2005, "Arab militants vow cease-fire."

In a Palestinian/Israeli summit, February 8 to February 12, 2005, the leaders of the two powers approved a truce. I am confident that the people of both countries are pleased, and have sighed a sigh of relief, though it be a guarded sigh. Hamas and Islamic Jihad took a stance of "wait and see," but, at the time of this writing, the Islamic militants are already actively attacking Israel again.

During all of the posturing, by the political hopefuls, at the time of the death of the former Prime Minister, Yasser Arafat, open declarations were made by the Palestinians concerning their intentions when making any agreements with Israel. They boldly declared that they could agree to any proposal, but they do not have to keep their word in such case, because Israelis are infidels - pigs. (As, of course, they consider all of us who are not Muslims, except, perhaps, for the part about the pigs.)

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of recent developments in the Mideast is the role which Egypt is playing. It is of particular note, because Egypt is the one nation which is named in the prophecy, in Zechariah 14, concerning the fall of Jerusalem. We are very near now to that great Biblical event in which "The city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people (Israelis) shall not be cut off from the city."

Something will happen in the very near future which will convince the Palestinians and their Islamic friends and neighbors that it is time to make their move, and take the Holy City. It may be because of their inability to negotiate Israel out of the West Bank, or it may be the Israeli's continued building of the wall around Jerusalem, or, incredibly, and effort to build a temple to God Almighty on one of the holy hills. Whatever it is, it will not be very long in coming.

But the U.N. will not allow Palestinian dominance of the entire city of Jerusalem. As Zechariah said, all of Jerusalem shall be conquered, but only half of the city shall go into captivity. For years the U.N. has tried to get Israel to return East Jerusalem to Palestinian control, even though they legitimately control the city, because of the circumstances under which they took Jerusalem in 1967. But God has spoken, and Jerusalem shall fall. Why? Because the fall of Jerusalem will be one of the greatest signs that "The Day of the Lord" is near at hand.

C. Eldon McNabb
Publisher & Bible Guy