Christians continue to suffer persecution

By Traci Ketcherside

The persecution of Christians is a reality that is prevalent throughout the world. John Fox wrote Fox's Book of Martyrs which lists thousands of cases of persecution against Christians. These persecutions could range from verbal abuse to the death of a person. Even today, people all over the world are being killed for their beliefs.

In just the past 6 weeks, many reports have emerged about atrocities against the world's Christians. A U.S. missionary was shot dead in Kenya during a robbery attempt. Reports tell us that the pastor was about to have dinner when gunmen entered his home and demanded money, but before he gave it to them they sprayed him with bullets, killing him instantly.

In Cairo, Egypt, one person was killed and about 8 others were wounded when the Egyptian army attacked a Christian center for handicapped children and orphans.

Baghdad, Iraq: there were several bombs that exploded in a marketplace and at least one believer was killed. He was killed by a single shot aimed directly at his head. Journalists covering this story were told that, if they continued talking to "those Christians," they too would be killed. Also, a separate bomb exploded inside a church on Christmas day, this time without casualties.

Two bombs were discovered outside of a cathedral in the Philippines and ten people were reportedly killed when yet another bomb exploded.

So we have to ask ourselves, are Christians really being targeted or did these people just offend someone? Of course they did, they are living for the Lord and this offends people. These are dangerous times in which we live and we have to be careful. People are crazy and our time here is short. Live all you can while you can but keep the Lord in your life and on your heart.