News Brief
Christian student club faces discrimination, threatens to sue high school

Hayward, Calif. - A Christian student club is threatening a lawsuit against a high school in the San Francisco Bay area for its decision to censor their group.

The school, located in Hayward, California, has ruled out a Christian group from setting up any posters with Bible verses to announce their meetings.

The Gay Straight Alliance and a feminist club, however, have been allowed to put up their posters.

The President of the Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus, has sent a letter of demand to the school, contending that its 'viewpoint discrimination' is in clear violation of America's Equal Access Act.

He states, "Everything will be fine," as long as the school stops its "discrimination, hostility, and intolerance" toward Christian clubs.

"But if they don't [decide to do what's right], then we at the Pacific Justice Institute have pledged to represent this Christian club in a court of law to seek full and complete justice," indicates Mr. Dacus.