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The People of Truth has a variety of publications available upon request.
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The Bible Guys (Monthly)

The Doctrine of Christ
Gods Church: Prophecy in Motion

Today in Prophecy
The Time of Harvest
Antichrist Cometh
The Beast with Ten Horns
The Little Horn
Life in Christ
Only Believe
God Hates Divorce (but Makes One Exception)
The Body of Christ
Holy Jerusalem
The Truth about Gods Elect
Bible Doctrine
The Doctrine of Perfection
The Key of Knowledge
Declaring the End from the Beginning

(The Bible Guys Periodical)
(The Doctrine of Christ)
(The Time of Harvest)

Los Hombres Bblicos (The Bible Guys Periodical)
La Doctrina de Cristo (The Doctrine of Christ)
La Iglesia que Dios Edific (Gods Church: Prophecy in Motion)

All items are available free of charge. You may send us your requests by mail, phone, or e-mail (CLICK here for contact information). We appreciate any help that you can offer to cover the cost of postage.

We are dedicated to the Word, its study and its distribution. It is our heart-felt desire to see the people of God edified and renewed, and that can only be achieved by His word.

The Bible says, The new man ... is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him. As new creatures in Christ Jesus, we all need to hear the word, and to expand our knowledge and understanding of it. I urge every one of you to continue in His word, to embrace it and to do His will. Peace be with you.