From the Editor
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June 13, 2003, marks the 100th anniversary of a movement that has, in all of its phases and various branches, accomplished great things, by God's grace, towards the furtherance of the Gospel and the fulfillment of prophecy in these last days.

That day, in 1903, a prophet of God named A. J. Tomlinson climbed Burger Mountain in Murphy, N.C., and, when he had prayed and prevailed, received a revelation of the Church of God. From a humble beginning, hundreds of thousands have been saved and blessed as a result of the work that developed from there.

It was thrilling to have had the opportunity to visit the Fields of the Wood with my wife, Lyuda, and Jacob and Yolanda Garcia, this Memorial Day weekend, just three weeks before the anniversary. The Lord truly blessed us on that trip, and His presence - especially during our prayer on Prayer Mountain - was so strong and precious.

I was particularly amazed that, just two weeks prior to our Centennial, all of the eyes of America were on Murphy once again, as a fugitive was captured there. It is almost as if God allowed him to be caught in that town, at this time, to draw our attention to the place where He began a special work so many years ago.

My grandfather, Cecil J. Cunningham, who served as state overseer for the Church of God of Prophecy for 29 years, received a number of letters from Bro. A.J. In one such letter, written just a few months before his death, Bro. Tomlinson reveals his expectations for God's Church. He writes, "... there are some slight differences of opinion about some of the Scriptures and I do not claim to know everything. I do not feel these differences of opinion should be the cause for debates or arguments. No doubt we will understand more about the Scriptures as we go on to perfection and get nearer the coming of the Lord. As we continue to study and pray the Lord will reveal to us all we should know."

I count it a privilege to be associated with so great an heritage, and I hope you join with me in promising to accept the whole Bible as the Word of God, believe and practice its teachings, rightly divided, and to walk in the light of it to the best of your knowledge and ability. Amen.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy