David declared, "I will not give sleep to mine eyes ... until I find out a place for the Lord, an habitation for the mighty God of Jacob. Low, we heard of it at Ephratah: we found it in the Fields of the Wood." This is the place where the Lord moved on Brother A. J. Tomlinson to declare a group of saints "the Church of God." Bro. Grady Kent, understanding that this place had prophetic significance, designed a theme park to "write the vision and make it plain" on its mountains. The park still stands as a tribute to these great men of faith, and to the movement which God called them to lead.

Brother Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson prays at the site of his June 13, 1903 prayer in Fields of the Wood.

The Churches of God have sent forth many trained ministers. Shown here is the Church of God of Prophecy's Bible Training Camp class of 1961 (top); and the ordination of Larry Danko as a minister of The Peopleof Truth in 1984 (center). But ministerial training is not just about theological academics. At bottom is a scene from a revival service held during the 1952 Bible Training Camp
Fiery, demonstrative preaching has been an enduring characteristic of God's Church. Shown is former Chief Bishop Marion Hall giving one such sermon.

In 1962, the Church of God of Prophecy conducted a Bible Landmark Expedition, visiting various countries and marking places of biblical significance. Here is the expedition in Egypt and Rome.
Brother C. Eldon McNabb prophesies during a meeting in October, 1964.
A Peculiar People indeed

Ministers in The Church of God wore homburgs and cloaks, and carried staves as a sign of their appointment. (From left to right: C. Eldon McNabb, Chad Somerville, Marion Hall, Robert Somerville, W. J. Fox, and John H. Looper.)

Many gospel singing groups can be found in the Churches of God. Here are Leroy Fields, Earl Stewart, and Brad Dewberry - The Biblical Wonder Trio.
One does not have to be in the ministry long to know that the Lord's work is not limited to preaching. Here Bro. Eldon McNabb is seen doing some remodeling on the worship center property. In this picture, we see Bro. Grady Kent (front row center) and some of the ministers he had ordained into the pattern. These included the Seven men of wisdom, the Twelve Apostles and the 70 Prophets.
Flight instruction class of the 1953 Bible Training Camp. Brother Grady R. Kent, former Chief Bishop of The Church of God, is in the bottom row, fourth from the left.

Here are the ministers in the pattern in 1969. The Twelve; the Seven; and 15 of the Seventy.

State marches are some of the most anticipated events of the Assemblies. This is a scene of the Louisiana state march in 1960.

Church of God of Prophecy airplane which dropped tracts over Salisbury and Fruitland, Maryland for their district convention in 1938. Holding the flag is Bro. C. J. Cunningham, District Overseer.
Brother Grady R. Kent, usually found riding in the sidecar, is seen here sitting on the motorcycle in May, 1961. Bro. Kent marked the prophetic importance of airplanes, cars, and motorcycles and used them in evangelistic programs. The People of Truth remains committed to the tradition of using these things to promote the Gospel.

Gearing up for the Gospel Caravan

Large groups of motorcycles and automobiles would tour the country, bringing the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of today's Chariots of Salvation
The above pictures show some of the motorcycle decals used today for The People of Truth's Horses of Salvation.
The People of Truth's "Wings of Prophecy" plane which was used to "carry the voice" from 1985-1991 (above). Inset is a picture of the scroll, quoting Isaiah 46:9-11. Below, Brothers David Allen, left, and David McNabb, right, display their Horses of Salvation at the worship center in South Hadley, Mass.
Bishop Kent's funeral in March, 1964. Standing to the left is Bro. C. Eldon McNabb, to the right is Robert Somerville.