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Greetings in the name of the Lord

I had a wonderful chance to visit the saints in Tulsa, OK, last month.? Bro. Randy Ketcherside, and his wife, Sis. Letha, are working there for the Lord, and we spent a lot of time together in God?s word, and meditating on Him.? Bro. Eldon McNabb had been there just a couple of weeks before us, also laboring to establish these saints in the truth.

My wife?s niece, Kristina, flew in from Rockford, IL, to join me and my family on our trip.? On the way down we visited with family in Washington, DC, and in Shelbyville, TN.? We also got to stay a night at my aunt Imogene?s place on the lake in NE Oklahoma.

When we headed home, Bro. Randy told me how to get back to I-40, as we were intending to stop in Shelbyville again on the way back.? As we traveled along, just after 4:00 a.m., all seemed well, until we reached the state line.? The sign read ?Welcome to Missouri,? not Arkansas, as I had expected.

Having taken the wrong road out of Tulsa, we were 2 hours out of our way, and a decision had to be made.? We decided to just head on home, seeing that this was a more direct route anyway.? I phoned Pastor Eldon & Sis. Zena McNabb (my parents), to tell them what had happened, and my mother said that we could probably stop in Indiana to visit some saints there.? We called Bro. Phil Carr, and arranged to meet with him and Pastor Ralph Dotson for some fellowship and to stay for the night.

On the way, we stopped in St. Claire, MO, for gas, and a couple of young women working there saw the car and asked what the writing meant.? We spent about 45 min.? with them in the word. Apparently, God had us right where He wanted us.

All in all, my ?mistake? saved us hundreds of miles and a few hours, and opened doors to share God?s word.? When we got home, my mother let us know what was the moral of this story:? Although we were in Missouri, when we wanted to be in Arkansas; and although we spent a night in Indiana, which we had planned to spend? in Tennessee ? We have learned to be of the same mind as the Apostle Paul, and in whatsoever State we are, therewith to be content (Phil. 4:11).

On another note, we will be celebrating the Feast of Ingathering October 16-19.? Make plans to share with us in this special time of worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy