"TEN EUROPEAN NATIONS FORM COALITION. In a surprise move, Ten financially powerful European nations form a new coalition and the "Beast" in Daniel chapter 7 becomes a reality!"

Not so, this is a false report. Partly because that beast is not a group of ten nations. Daniel chapter seven shows that the Beast isn't ten, it has ten horns The ten nations which are the horns are the "Group of Ten" powers (the world's richest nations) which, in Nov., 1971 went to Rome to revalue their currencies against the dollar. These nations, at that time, were France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Britain, the United States and Japan. They are a part of, and ride upon, the "Beast" which is the United Nations.

The false report mentioned above is the direct result of misunderstandings of this and other critical prophecies about our day, which are circulating among the Christian community. Besides that, all of the efforts to unite Europe came close to having ten members only once. That was on Jan. 22, 1972, when Britain signed on. That near event fizzled, because their membership was not official until one year after the signing. Within that year, at least one of the other nations had dropped out. Since then, their numbers have varied, even more than their name has changed.

Eruo Flag

In 1991, when the treaty which created the European Union was ratified in Maastricht in the Netherlands, there were twelve (not ten) nations present: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. These twelve original members are represented in the Union's flag by the circle of twelve stars. Today, the EU has fifteen members (not ten), having added to their numbers Austria, Finland and Sweden. Eleven (not ten) of them seem to be firmly fixed in a financial union involving the Euro-Dollar.
The real news is that the Beast With Ten Horns has officially been with us since Oct. 24, 1945. We now await the next great newsflash which will announce the "other little horn." Keep alert and watch for its appearance on the scene.

By C. Eldon McNabb