August 2001


From the Editor

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Greetings once again, friends. Here it is August, and summer is almost gone, and what a summer it has been so far! The Spirit of the Lord is moving and things are happening - both in secular circles and among God's people. As many brace for the end of the vacation season and the beginning of the school year, I feel that it is important for us to prepare for a great move of God.

This month, we are featuring a couple of articles about the origin of Satan. Although we are to always keep our focus on Christ, much is written concerning our adversary the devil. Sister Zena McNabb, Pastor Eldon's wife, makes her Bible Guys debut with her article on Lucifer's fall. This is one part of a series of Bible studies she has conducted which also includes subjects such as The Fall of Man and The Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Back in 1973, just before the appearance of Comet Kohoutek (the much-hyped, but less-than-spectacular "Comet of the Century"), Pastor Eldon wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper tying its arrival to Satan's total banishment from heaven. (Rev. 12:7-10) As a result of that letter's publication, he was contacted by Sis. Kathleen Macfeat. We became very close with her and her family. They have been a real blessing to us over the years. Most recently, she has introduced us to some of her friends from Israel. In the early part of the month of July, we were visited by Kathleen's friends from Haifa, Michael and Angela Hersch. We were edified, as he shared with us the Word of God and brought us a first-hand report from the Holy Land. I was astounded at how much worse it is there than reported by the media.

Near the end of July, Sis. Kathleen introduced us to Sis. Carolyn Murray. She lives in Jerusalem and works among the Palestinians, sharing the Gospel with them. This is a very perilous task. Our hearts and prayers are with these saints as they work for the Lord. Our thanks to God for the lasting fellowship and friendship with the Macfeats and their friends.

We will be celebrating our Feast of Ingathering October 4-7. All are welcome to attend. Prepare to bless and be blessed as you join us in the sweet fellowship of the Holy Ghost in this special event that God Himself ordained.

May you be richly blessed in the Lord.

David M. McNabb
Editor & Bible Guy